Edited by Frank J. Runey

Secretary Treasurer

Trustee -  UFCW National Health & Welfare Fund


Your Healthcare benefits are managed by the UFCW National Fund. The provider network is Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. Through this network you can access any participating Blue Cross Blue Shield provider in theUnited States.  As a member of the UFCW Health and Welfare Fund you have tremendous benefits at a tremendous price. You can help maintain these benefits by using your benefits wisely.


For example:

  • Please don’t use the Emergency Room of the hospital for regular Doctor’s visits.


  • Analyze your bills and call the FUND if you find something that doesn’t seem correct.


  • If you receive a bill from a provider that hasn’t been paid, call the FUND, sometimes they haven’t received the bill because the doctor’s office sent it to the wrong address.  


  • Make sure you carry your I.D. card when you have a health-related appointment and make sure the billing clerk understands where to send the bill. This will avoid claims being filled incorrectly with another UFCW Fund or third party administrator.


o        You get married;

o       You have a child either through birth or adoption;

o        A death occurs in your family;

o       You get a divorce or legally separated;

o        A change in address;

o       Your dependent child or children attain age 19 or get married or;

o        Your dependents obtain coverage through employment.










Please understand that the fund is asking these questions to protect all of you against sharp rises in premiums which could be the result of people receiving the benefits of insurance to which they are not entitled. It is not our intention to make life difficult for you but to insure that your co-pay does not go through the roof.


The problems related with the ever increasing costs of health care seem to be everywhere – newspapers, radio, television, and in the political arena.  Unfortunately, if our elected officials don’t take some bold action, the problems plaguing health care will only get worse not better. 


We have been insuring union members for over 46 years and our premiums are still the best in sight. We aim to keep them that way and we can only do so with your cooperation.


Doing the things within our control will go a long way in keeping the costs lower for the Fund and more importantly save you money in the long run.  You have the commitment from the leadership of this union that we will continue to work hard in all areas to help bring the costs and accessibility of healthcare within reason.  That result will benefit everyone in the future.


If you have any questions please contact Frank Runey at 1-800-535-2752.


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Attention Local 791 Members


There has been some confusion regarding our PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Manager.)  Local 791’s PBMhas not changed, it is still Empirix. 


Albertson’s has changed the PBM for non-union employees.


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