UFCW Local 791 has over a 50-year history of representing workers throughout New England.  From the Localís beginning just after World War II to the present day, the Union has withstood the test of time to provide, through collective bargaining agreements, better wages, benefits and working conditions for all its members.  As the times changed so did the Local.  Local 791 has transitioned from a small independent union to an affiliate of one of the largest international unions in the United States.  As economic conditions changed and new owners have come and gone, the Union has bargained some of the finest contracts in the retail food and distribution industry.  In a Democratic Union, such as Local 791, the membership is the union.  From the President of the Local, to the most recently hired employee in any of its union facilities, each member has a voice.


Outlined below are the various functions and departments of Local 791 which are all dedicated to the best possible service and representation of the members of Local 791.


Every three years, elections are held to fill the offices of the Executive Board from within the unionís membership as outlined in the By-Laws of UFCW Local 791.  These officers represent every segment of the workplace, from stores to warehouses, full -time and part Ė time, including the meat room. The members that sit on the Executive Board negotiate and bargain our contracts and oversee all other operations of the Local.


To keep up with the ever-growing demands of effectively representing its members, Local 791 has a full-time staff and representatives to administer the every day business of the union, service its members, organize new members, watch over the Health and Welfare Fund as well as coordinate political and legislative affairs. 


Union Representatives, sometimes referred to as Business Agents, are assigned a certain number of stores within a particular district.  Their responsibilities are to assist the steward and alternate steward in any dealings a member may have regarding his or her rights under the contract with a store manager, assistant manager or market area director.  They also help prepare grievances for arbitration.

The Organizing Department oversees all Local 791 organizing campaigns.  The job of the Organizing staff is to talk with non-union workers, understand their concerns, and educate them about the benefits and objectives of Union membership. Organizers concentrate on bringing non-union workers together to work toward their common goal of obtaining Union representation and fair working conditions.

In addition, Local 791's Organizing Department works with other Unions as well as community and religious organizations to help improve the working conditions for all workers.



Local 791 is very active in political and legislative action. On the legislative front, Local 791 has worked with other labor organizations and coalition groups on many pieces of legislation and issues that affect the lives of its members and their families.  Political action by your Union has led to improvements in laws effecting workers such as workers' compensation, minimum wage, family and medical leave, 40-hour work week, improving safer working conditions, and protecting time and one half pay on Sunday's and Holidays.


Local 791 has also played a major role in the political campaigns of many pro-labor candidates at the Federal, state and local levels in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine.



Local 791 has a full time administrative secretary who is responsible for the management of the union's membership applications, data and reporting. 


Local 791 has "shop stewards" in each of their locations.  The shop steward and alternate steward hold a special place in any union. At the worksite, the steward is the union ó the link between union members and management.  Shop stewards are membersí first line of defense, responsible for enforcing the contract and handling grievances, and for proactively ensuring worksite safety, mobilizing members for the unionís political campaigns, orienting new members to the worksite and the union, and more. They work closely with union representatives in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.



Local 791 communicates with our members in a vaiety of methods, including: union bulletin board postings, this website, e-mail updates and news.  In addition, Local 791 has developed strong media and has been seen and heard in newspapers, radio and television media outlets.


Since our union was formed, Local 791 has supported and hosted various types of events that benefit many different causes and people.  For example, the union hosts an annual golf tournament that raises funds for our scholarship program. Also, every December, Local 791 holds a raffle and toy drive to benefit those who are less fortunate during the Holiday season. In addition, every year, the union sponsors various youth sports teams and other events that benefit the communities where our members and their families live and work.  

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United Food and Commercial Workers Union

Local 791


55 Norfolk Avenue

South Easton, MA 02375




Proudly serving workers in Massachusetts,

Rhode Island and Maine since 1947

Russell F. Regan, President
Frank J. Runey, Secretary-Treasurer