April 8, 2020

Dear Union Members:

          As we head into what is hopefully the crest of this Pandemic, you the members of 791 continue to report for work and get the job done.  I know that the days seem to all run together and this outbreak will never end, but at some point, life will return to normal.  Until then, let's continue to use common sense on the job.   

          As of this writing, the company has secured a shipment of masks which are currently being distributed to the workforce. Local 791 along with other U.F.C.W. local Unions continue to petition the Governors in our States to grant first responder status to our workers.  In addition, there are certain State and Federal programs you may be entitled to as retail and distribution workers. Local 791 has sent information packets about these programs to your local Stewards, so please ask to review them.  Your Union office remains open so if you would like more information, so you can contact the Office, your Business Agent, or the Chief Steward. 

         Local 791 is also continuing to work with the International Union and with State and Federal Agencies. Please remember your Union is here to serve you during this difficult time, so you can stay safe and continue to supply the public with the essential goods it needs. Without your efforts there would be no semblance of order in our society.

Stay safe, stay united.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Russell Regan

UFCW Local 791


United Food and Commercial Workers Union

Local 791


55 Norfolk Avenue

South Easton, MA 02375




Proudly serving workers in Massachusetts,

Rhode Island and Maine since 1947

Russell F. Regan, President
Frank J. Runey, Secretary-Treasurer